wake up!

You wake up in a strange laboratory-like room, in a time far from your own. Animals can talk and a company called Cryotics has its name plastered everywhere you look. It's time to wake up, human!

The construction of wake up!

Originally envisioned as Blade Runner meets Zootopia, after construction began on the game's environments, the world shifted toward an Orwellian dystopia. As with 1984, the reader isn't told of the oppressive nature of Big Brother, but comes to understand the full reach of the party's control through the environments and scenes described in the novel.  Likewise, wake up! attempts to adopt this "show, don't tell" type of storytelling by giving little hints at the nature of the world and its central conflict in each interaction with the world's inhabitants and objects, as well as in the visuals of the environment itself.

All in all, I'm happy with how wake up! turned out, especially considering I haven't done such creative work in many years. The penultimate scene, the riot outside the courthouse, is my favorite part of wake up! as it tells a lot about the world using visuals alone; the scene was also the most demanding in terms of animation.

Made for CMI3370 at Texas Tech University.

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